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    New laws, increasing regulatory pressure, shifting customer expectations and an ever-changing market have drastically increased the demands for the life and pension industry. Service-providers need to manage the interests of all the different stakeholders and at the same time focus on efficiency and profitability as well.

    Reduce costs and increase agility

    Scale has become an important goal to reduce costs and increase investment power in today’s rapidly consolidating market, both through M&A as well as closed book-consolidations. Companies are becoming more digital and choose for modern SaaS platforms to be more efficient and reduce costs even further. The first movers are seeing their investments pay out by having reduced operating costs and can now use the regulatory pressure on the market to their advantage as they are able to adapt to them better and faster. This agility enables them able to innovate further and get closer to their customers by having more interactions via simpler processes.

    Keylane SaaS empowers life and pension companies to boost their agility and flexibility to meet evolving consumer demands, use automation to shorten time to market for new products and services, and keep data safe while staying compliant. Life and pension companies can optimally adapt to changing market conditions and respond to new market entrants with speed and scale.

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    Transform your business with Keylane SaaS

    For companies in the life and pension industry, Keylane offers multiple SaaS platforms aimed at different operations within the industry to benefit from technological advancements today.

    • Insurance companies and pension providers benefit from having an end-to-end policy administration that enables straight through processing. Keylane Plexus is a standardised, open SaaS platform, in a fully controlled and secure, private cloud environment that completely integrates with a customer’s application landscapes to optimise business processes.
    • Running effective business in this industry means proper risk management. Keylane Valuation & ALM enables companies to generate policy cash flow data, future market conditions and create projections which provide the necessary information needed to empower decisions towards financial stability, profitability and compliance.
    • Financial planning can be enhanced by combining information such as pension savings and tax status to have an holistic view on customers finances and make projections to provide insight in financial futures based on the choices made today. Keylane Obex is an open platform that allows financial service companies to reduce both time and costs on their advisory services while enhancing customer satisfaction and adding business value across the value chain. Managing employee benefits can be a time and resource consuming operation.
    • Benefits-Plaza from Keylane enables employers to manage the benefits such as pension agreements and workers compensation insurance online and within a single portal.

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