Setting a new standard for customer experience with enhanced customer journeys

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Vidanova sets a new standard for customer experience

Vidanova will be the first pension fund to offer Caribbean customers unique customer journeys through Keylane’s Plexus Digital Engagement (PDE) platform, trailblazing innovation and setting a new standard for customer experience with enhanced customer journeys that are unique to the local market.


Staying ahead of digital trends and meeting customer expectations in the pension and insurance industry requires agile software solutions built to be adaptable and easily configurable.

To meet the growing expectations of Caribbean policyholders, Vidanova set a goal to add customer journeys to their existing Keylane portal, which will be delivered through Keylane’s multi-device optimised PDE solution, enabling Vidanova to build their customer journeys through simple configuration on Keylane’s standard software.


Vidanova will be upgraded to the PDE standard customer portal this year. The customer journeys that will be implemented are for the processes: “Update Personal Information”, “Retirement”, “Retirement Application” and “Additional Savings”.

The customer journey “Update Personal Information” was created to address the lack of automatic personal data messages from the Caribbean government. Personal data does not automatically populate, therefore participants are asked to provide their most recent data in order to plan and optimise their pension plans.

As part of its PDE platform, Keylane offers customer journeys that grant participants the ability to gain insight and control over the consequences of retirement as part of a personalised and easy to navigate portal.

Keylane has been increasing investments in the Caribbean market, with the intention to offer improved customer experiences through industry leading software solutions. The transfer of Vidanova to Plexus Digital Engagement is therefore an important and positive step for both Keylane and Vidanova.

Business Value

  • Increase flexibility to meet changing customer expectations with customer journeys unique to the Caribbean market
  • Offer participants self-service options and increase their interaction with Vidanova
  • Ensure an agile software solution that is adaptable, easily configurable and future-proof
  • Achieve a stronger market position and competitive power with a modern platform
Established in 1968, Vidanova is a multi-employer pension fund that operates both collective Defined Benefit (DB) plans and Defined Contribution (DC) plans/pensions for companies located on all islands of the former Netherlands Antilles and from various economic sectors. In total there are approximately 85 companies affiliated with Vidanova. Vidanova pension fund is part of the Vidanova group. Together the entities within the group offer a package of financial products aimed at helping participants achieve financial well-being during all stages of their lives.

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Driving better customer experience through industry leading solutions

“We are proud to be the first in the Caribbean to have a Plexus Digital Engagement portal. It is of great importance to us that we can serve our participants according to the highest possible standards. The Plexus portal enables us to communicate with our participants in a modern way, and to transfer data more securely.”

Charlene Alberto, Director at Vidanova