Covering current and future trends in the insurance and pension industry.

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The insurance and pension industry is going through a period of immense disruption led by emerging technologies and the changing demands of digitally savvy policyholders. In this blog, we examine the ‘water cooler’ topics that are driving discussions throughout the industry and influencing the products and services of tomorrow.

Reduce staff onboarding times with Keylane’s Axon platform

In today’s competitive employee market where workers are seeking better and smarter work conditions and processes,…
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Predict and prevent with Keylane’s Axon platform

Our Axon platform delivers data in real time, ensuring a future-fit solution for your insurance business…
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Strap-In: Virtual Reality is about to revolutionise the insurance industry

When we think of VR (virtual reality) we tend to associate it with the entertainment industry.…
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Keylane secures a position in the Computable 100

The Computable 100 is an annual ranking of the most popular ICT companies and non-ICT organisations…
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A path to optimising the underwriting process

The underwriting process is under intense pressure from both internal legacy equipment and increasing external disrupters,…
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How to respond to rising inflation in a time of digitalisation

Inflation is rising across the world, impacting all of us as individuals and putting greater strain…
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Digital development and innovation are essential for success

Freeing up resources and strengthening customer-facing advisory functions has never been more urgent, as digital development…
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An interview with Keylane’s CEO

Dr. Robin Keira, founder and CEO at Digitalscouting, a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany,…
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Modern IT systems drive digitisation in the insurance industry

The insurance industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Increasingly, customers expect comprehensive digital…
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Concierge services inspire customer loyalty

Redefining the customer journey Early adopters in the insurance industry are now offering life concierge services…
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