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Optimised customer journey drives customer satisfaction

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a.s.r. optimises customer journey with the help of Keylane

a.s.r., one of the top three insurers in the Netherlands, recently conducted a research to gain insights in the customer journey with regards to their life insurance product. The insurer actively looks at ways to optimise the customer experience for its policyholders.


Following extensive research, a.s.r. discovered that policyholders with a life insurance product experienced that there were so called ease-of-use challenges, in terms of how they digitally interacted with their policies. Something that generally only occurs twice – when opening the policy and when closing it.

By optimising the digital tooling, a.s.r. provides policyholders with clearer, more personalised information and better overall control of their life insurance policies.


a.s.r. created a new tool with a five-step process using Keylane’s Plexus Digital Engagement platform (PDE).

As part of its PDE platform offering, Keylane helps its life and pension customers to enhance their customer journeys with functionality enabling policyholders to gain personalised insights and increased control over the consequences of retirement through an easy-to-use and simple to navigate portal.

The five new steps a.s.r. has implemented through the Keylane PDE platform are: “Explanation of the Insurance Product,” “Customer Options after Expiration Date,” “Tax Information,” “Required Documents” and “Pay-out Status.”

Business Value

  • Improved customer journeys that drive better customer experiences
  • Enhanced flexibility and configuration control to meet changing customer demands
  • Reduced administrative costs due to improved straight-through processing that has led to a significant drop in the number of calls to the customer service centre
  • Acquired a future-fit and fully adaptable platform
a.s.r. Life Insurance
ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) ranks among the top 3 insurers in the Netherlands. a.s.r. offers products and services in the fields of insurance, pensions and mortgages for consumers, self-employed persons and employers. In addition, a.s.r. is active as an asset manager for third parties. a.s.r. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and included in the AMX Index.

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Optimised customer journey drives customer satisfaction

“Understanding and optimising the customer journey is an ongoing process. Research showed that there was room for optimisation in relation to the experience with a.s.r.’s life insurance product. Keylane’s PDE SaaS platform offered us all the tools needed to improve the customer experience, ensuring our customer journeys remain among the best in the industry.”

Dylan America, Product Owner at a.s.r.