Holistic financial planning platform that provides your customers with a compliant and transparent financial overview.

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Transforming the way your customers perceive your financial advisory services

Keylane Obex is an open platform that allows financial service companies of all sizes to reduce both time and costs on their advisory services while enhancing customer interaction, increasing customer satisfaction, and adding business value all across the value chain. By providing a holistic view of a customer’s financial situation, it helps advisers to guide customers easily through their financial situation and assess possibilities.

Keylane Obex comes with a graphic interface that presents calculation results in charts and diagrams to make even complex products easy to explain. The solution is platform-agnostic, allowing smooth integration with the existing system and connectivity to external online services – enabling retrieval of relevant information, such as the customer’s tax status and pension savings in other funds.  Advisors can simulate different scenarios, allowing customers to gauge the consequences of their choices – including taxation, social benefits, investment plans, and pension payments.

The Obex platform consists of a broad range of modules that are fully API enabled. They can be used together to build self-service features in apps or on websites and they can construct a complete advisory platform either using the standard UI that Keylane Obex offers or by building your own on top.

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Members get a digital pension advisory platform that creates effective, well-prepared and valuable advice.
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Selected modules
  • Calculation service encapsulates the non-trivial calculations of taxes, social benefits and disposable income in a single streamlined API.

  • Scenario service simulates and builds what-if scenarios based on a family’s complete incomes, expenses, pensions, etc.

  • PensionsInfo service couples a person’s pension engagement summary data with the scenario service.

  • Projection service  calculates all types of savings with all types of foundations and conditions efficiently and very fast.

  • Standard value service quickly sets up a budget containing expected expenses, assets and deductions based on a person’s profile, houses and vehicles.

  • Optimisation service finds ways to maximise a family’s disposable income, duration of pensions, social benefits and to minimise taxes.

  • The product service allows to upload and retrieve coverages, including their limitations.

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