Plexus Digital Engagement

PDE empowers you with the tools and knowledge to create special moments for you customers, ensuring resonant, powerful communication across the entire customer journey.

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Unlock real-time, relevant customer experiences

Plexus Digital Engagement (PDE) offers innovative customer communication, allowing life insurance and pension providers to connect with their policy holders, participants, employers and brokers in new, engaging ways.

With its highly customisable portals, best-practice customer journeys and flexible implementation, PDE provides your customers with relevant, personal touch points, increasing trust and empowering an active relationship.

Fully cloud-based; available stand-alone, integrated with Keylane solutions like Plexus, or even 3rd-party platforms; and with advanced KPI functionality built in: PDE fits seamlessly into modern digital transformation strategies.

Key benefits
  • Omni-channel, customer-centric messaging increases engagement and fosters confidence
  • Built-in ControlRoom KPI dashboard provides you with a holistic overview of the performance of your customer journeys and your customers’ behaviors
  • When used with Keylane Plexus or Lifetime, customer changes are automatically incorporated within the Plexus platform via 100% Straight-Through Processing


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