A platform for the administration and communication regarding all insurable employment conditions

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Optimal chain integration

The SaaS licence Benefits-Plaza is a platform for administering and managing insurable Employee Benefits products at various levels (insurer, adviser, and employer). The platform needs links to retrieve employee data and communicate changes. Return links communicate employers and their contract data (contract number, excess, and rates tables) back to the platform.

Employers can make employee changes in the Keylane employers’ portal. The portal usually uses a link with the employer’s salary package (part of the salary suite) for this purpose. As a result, there are no double entries, and STP (Straight-Through Processing) is used to make changes.

Besides the salary suite, Keylane also offers solutions for communicating UPA (Uniform Submission of Pension Data) reports and for validating and auditing these reports.

  • Flexibility in product configuration
  • Modern, open-architecture technology
  • The ability to create efficient, digital business processes
  • Digital customer service
  • Control and fast track & trace


Key features

  • A portal summarising the insured employment conditions
  • Links with administrators/insurers
  • Interface for UPA reports
  • Functionalities for managing relevant employee data
  • A comprehensive package of links to salary packages
More information

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