Keylane supports Allianz in delivering a state-of-the-art participant portal

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Keylane supports Allianz in delivering a state-of-the-art participant portal

Following a demo of Keylane’s Plexus Digital Engagement (PDE) platform, Allianz were convinced it would meet their business goals to offer Netherlands based Allianz Group Life customers a feature rich and engaging participant portal.


Allianz had a list of service expectations and business goals, and needed a new participant portal that would show insights into pension schemes and investments.

On top of this, they wanted the ability to view activation possibilities and scenario-tooling, in an easy to use, customisable and inherently accessible portal that could meet and exceed the needs of today’s market.


As part of its PDE platform offering, Keylane empowers Allianz with an easy-to-use portal that guides users through the decision making process of their pension plan with customer journeys that are used to inform, educate and enable the user at every step of the journey.

Cooperation between Keylane and Allianz was a major key to success in overcoming technical challenges and the tight implementation planning, as both parties worked closely on new, engaging ideas that have resulted in new portal functionality that better serves Allianz’s participants.

Business Value

  • Participants are provided with insight into their pension scheme and investments 24/7
  • Increased participant engagement through smart activation
  • Full monitoring capabilities for participant activations
  • Online real-time scenario analysis displaying “what if” calculations
  • Enhanced configuration options to meet changing customer demands
Allianz is a global leader in insurance and financial services provision. It is present in over 70 countries, employing more than 155.000 people serving 126 million customers. Allianz is the no. 1 insurance brand in the 2021 Interbrand Global Brand Rankings and holds the leading position for insurers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2021. In the Benelux, Allianz offers a broad range of insurance products and services for individuals, the self-employed, SMEs and large companies through its network of insurance brokers. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Allianz serves more than 900,000 customers, employs close to 900 people and collects 1.9 billion euros. In the Netherlands, Allianz serves over 1.3 million customers with the help of distribution partners and the direct writer, Allianz Direct. Allianz employs approximately 1,050 people in the Netherlands and collects 1.9 billion euros in gross premiums in that country.

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Enhanced participant engagement drives better business interactions

“By choosing PDE as the participant portal for Allianz Group Life, we’ve created a participant portal that is on par with current market needs, and we’re now fully enabled to develop new possibilities and further enhance the features of our new portal. We’re confident that Keylane’s PDE platform has delivered us a modern and future-fit solution that will further solidify our place as a leading provider in The Netherlands.”

Anton de Lugt, Value Proposition Manager at Allianz