End-to-end standard life and pension platform for operational excellence

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Maximising results and relevance for your customers

Plexus is a SaaS based standard end-to-end policy administration platform for handling all primary processes from the individual life to the collective pension domain. From full agreement hierarchy for customer segmentation, policy and company quotation, policy events with undo/redo functionality with full traceability, collections of premiums, disbursements, claims handling, configurable workflow engine with management tools to support and control handling of daily business to external notifications and more. Plexus is built as a modularised and fully service enabled application, so customers have substantial freedom in taking only parts of Plexus in use if they prefer a best of breed solution.

Each module in Plexus exposes a service API which encompasses everything from policy quotation, to setting up new products and agreements. The standard service catalogue supplies more than 400 services that are fully tested as part of each release. These services can be used by customers to integrate into their internal landscape e.g. CRM, accounting, etc. or to build their own portals and applications. Furthermore, as Plexus has been designed using best practice of service-oriented architecture (micro-services), it can easily be integrated into almost every architecture.

Plexus is 100% web-based in a secure and certified Hybrid environment. It is robust, scalable and fully integrable with your own application landscape. You do not need to worry about installation, configuration, performance, upgrades, maintenance or disaster recovery – Keylane takes care of it all.

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End-to-end standard SaaS Life & Pension platform for operational excellence.
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Unlock real-time, relevant customer experiences with Plexus Digital Engagement.

Selected modules
  • All-in-one policy: enables all products within risk, savings, pension, etc. under a single policy, including combinations of DB and DC products.

  • Agreement hierarchy: create and maintain full control of customer segmentations with underlying product offerings and company agreements fast and easy.

  • Employment: handle employment, occupation and salary information with ease, flexibility and full traceability.

  • Collections & disbursements: fully integrated accounts administration for collections and disbursements.

  • Product management: manage and store all communication with all parties based on various document and output options.

  • Policy management: flexible and smart event engine that comes with the most common events, full support for undo/redo functionality and automated processes to support smooth case handling.

  • Workflow: define, combine, and automate your business processes while minimising errors and enhancing efficiency.

  • Data Mart & reporting: systematically contain and exploit all relevant data from the production system.

  • Claims: handle claims fast and 100% digitally using straight-through processing.

  • 360-degrees customer view: provide effective, transparent and value-added services to your customers.