A unified core insurance platform that drives product innovation and operational excellence for Property & Casualty insurance companies

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Unified core insurance platform

Axon is empowering the P&C insurance industry by redefining how companies are bringing products to market, saving cost and time by optimizing business processes and value chains, while making sure that insurers are always staying compliant with government regulations and meet the latest security requirements.

Axon is a unified core insurance platform that delivers proven solutions for core insurance processes. It is designed to run in diverse application landscapes and is easy to extend through its plugin framework. As such, Axon brings together different applications, services, or components that might have operated independently into a centralized platform, allowing users to access and manage diverse functionalities from one place.

With Axon, Keylane fosters trust and empowers lasting partnerships by providing a platform that ensures a 24/7 uptime for its clients. Keylane provides and implements continuous upgrades to Axon, guaranteeing that its customers are able to comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Keylane’s approach is to encourage true independence from specific technologies or platforms. As such, Axon is fully enabled to support on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid implementations.

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Belfius about Keylane

“By migrating our Axon platform to the Keylane cloud, we now have a single point of contact, allowing us to simplify our processes and react faster to changes, which ultimately contributes to higher customer satisfaction.“

Marjolein Sebille, CIO at Belfius Insurance


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