Legacy system modernisation

A unified insurance platform that stands the test of time

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Past the tipping point

Technology moves fast, and today many insurers are trapped between a rock and a hard place – continue to allocate specialised staff and resources to support siloed legacy systems that lack the ability to integrate with modern technology, or commit to a migration and implementation of an all-in-one, core insurance platform.

The reality is that continued commitment to shoring up legacy systems directly hinders business strategy, growth and market agility, adding unnecessary complexity and spiralling costs to operations. This eats away profit margins and limits an insurers ability to develop competitive products and services.

This is by no means a new issue – insurers have had to struggle with this question for over a decade if not longer, but today the issue is more urgent than at any time before.

Axon – a Unified Insurance Platform

This whitepaper will discuss the learning points and critical criteria to consider when preparing your insurance business for modernisation.

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Modernising core insurance systems
Modernising core insurance systems
Past the tipping point Technology moves fast, and today many insurers are trapped between a rock…
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Keylane Insights – with Rob van Esch

“I think 2024 will be a very exciting year for the insurance industry. Last year, many insurance companies worked on the introduction of artificial intelligence. This year, the first real cases will also go into production. We see a lot of increasing pressure from government regulations, from compliance regulations and from security risks.”

Watch the full interview with Rob van Esch here:

Our cooperation with Debeka

We are proud of our successful collaboration with Debeka and have filmed a customer story in Koblenz at Debeka to mark the occasion.

Watch Olaf Schwickert, Department Director of Property and Casualty Insurance at Debeka, talk about the different mentalities that have come together through the collaboration and how they motivate the team.

Bernd Zerwas, Senior Project Manager at Debeka, also talks about the benefits of partnering with Keylane and how Axon more than meets Debeka’s requirements!