Keylane helps Allianz Benelux to scale in pensions

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Keylane helps Allianz Benelux to scale in pensions

Allianz Benelux successfully migrates 60.000 participants onto Keylane’s LeanApps Life SaaS platform, empowering their competitive expansion into the Dutch domestic pension market.


Entering new markets can be technically and logistically difficult, and ensuring success requires strong partnerships built on trust and clear communication, supported by industry leading technologies and enhanced migration capabilities.

Allianz acquired a Pension Premium Institute (The Rabo/PGGM PPI) portfolio consisting of 60.000 participants in 2021 to expand their services and market share. Allianz sought to migrate the portfolio to Keylane’s LeanApps Life platform in a time-sensitive migration that needed to be completed by December of that year.


The Allianz and Keylane partnership goes back to 2009. Allianz has integrated several Keylane platforms; LeanApps Life is their chosen individual life and pension platform in combination with Plexus Digital Engagement for advanced digital customer communication, and Benefits-Plaza supports their salary interfaces. With this migration project, Allianz and Keylane further strengthen their long-standing partnership.

LeanApps Life is the Keylane SaaS platform that empowers life & pension insurers to focus on their primary insurance activities and goals. Due to the high degree of configuration of LeanApps Life, it is both extremely agile and quick to implement.

Allianz migrated the portfolio of the PPI to Keylane’s LeanApps Life SaaS platform in December 2021, transferring all 60.000 participants ahead of schedule and without major issues.

By migrating to LeanApps Life, Allianz unlocks enhanced and proven product configuration capabilities which grant superior control and flexibility over production development, facilitating increased market agility and greatly enhancing time-to-market.

Business Value

  • Increased competitiveness within the Dutch pension market
  • Full support for new product lines with a high level of configurability
  • A future-fit and inherently adaptable SaaS platform
  • Faster time-to-market with full configuration capabilities that drive product flexibility
  • Short time-to-migrate to reduce dependency and costs of 3rd party platforms
Allianz is a global leader in insurance and financial services provision. It is present in over 70 countries, employing more than 155.000 people serving 126 million customers. Allianz is the no. 1 insurance brand in the 2021 Interbrand Global Brand Rankings and holds the leading position for insurers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2021. In the Benelux, Allianz offers a broad range of insurance products and services for individuals, the self-employed, SMEs and large companies through its network of insurance brokers. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Allianz serves more than 900,000 customers, employs close to 900 people and collects 1.9 billion euros. In the Netherlands, Allianz serves over 1.3 million customers with the help of distribution partners and the direct writer, Allianz Direct. Allianz employs approximately 1,050 people in the Netherlands and collects 1.9 billion euros in gross premiums in that country.

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Transparent communication and trust ensures a smooth migration

“Migrating this acquired PPI portfolio to Keylane’s LeanApps Life platform has greatly enhanced our business capabilities and allowed us to hit the ground running in terms of our continued extension into the Dutch pension market. The communication and collaboration between Keylane and Allianz Benelux proved to be exceptional, to the point that it became difficult to tell the difference between Keylane employees and Allianz employees. That Keylane was able to deliver the migration exactly on schedule, within budget and without major issues is a testament to their wish to create strong, long term partnerships built on trust.“

Karel Lagemaat, Director at Allianz Benelux