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Reduce staff onboarding times with Keylane’s Axon platform

KEYLANE March 1, 2023

In today’s competitive employee market where workers are seeking better and smarter work conditions and processes, it is important that insurers onboard new staff quickly without compromising on training and orientation quality.

The great employee migration

Employee expectations have grown over the last few years, and the need for smarter, flexible and inherently agile platforms to support their daily duties is more important than ever.

Consider a scenario where you hire ten new claim handlers for your insurance company, which runs its front and back office on custom, legacy equipment and software unique to your company. To train and onboard your new claim handlers to their full potential can take up to one year. This is a sizable investment for your company, and it is possible that you may lose a fair percentage of those new employees before they complete their onboarding, creating a potentially frustrating cycle for you, which may lead to sunken costs and time investment.

Reduce onboarding time by up to 75% with Keylane’s Axon platform

Our Axon platform for Property & Casualty insurers is a single, intuitive system for all your insurance administration needs. This means your new employees only need to learn to use one system, rather than master several various applications that attempt to do the same thing but less efficiently.


“To train people to become claim handlers with our previous systems took a lot of time.

 Almost a year in fact. With Keylane’s Axon platform, we are seeing our claim handlers up and running within three months.”

     Filip Van De Velde, Business Coordinator at Belfius Insurance  

Axon: One system, endless possibilities

Axon has clear, smart and intuitive workflows coupled with pre-configured business rules that remove the pain points and time-sinks from your claim handlers’ task lists. In short, Axon is designed to maximise output and minimise employee frustration and duplication of tasks. And, by reducing your claim handler onboarding time by up to 75%, you are empowered to build your A-team of claim handlers in a much shorter time, reducing staff attrition and sunken costs.

Keylane’s Axon platform

Axon is Keylane’s all-in-one SaaS administration platform empowering trust and operational excellence for Property & Casualty insurance companies. Axon supports the front, mid and back office processes during the lifetime of policies and claim reports. This all takes place in one system, supporting all channels: internet, extranet, intranet and web services. Make use of 100% web-based software in a secure private cloud environment that fully integrates with your own application landscape. An ISO 27001 and ISAE3402 certified environment that is robust, scalable and secure. No need to worry about installation, configuration, performance, upgrades, maintenance or disaster recovery. We take care of it all.

Test drive Axon today

Experience Axon for yourself today. Simply fill out the contact form and request an extended demo and we will happily show you how Axon works to take away many of the problems facing the industry today.