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Beyond insurance: Service Administration

Traditionally, insurance providers have operated a binary service: approve or deny a claim. But ...
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Concierge services inspire customer loyalty

Redefining the customer journey Early adopters in the insurance industry are now offering life ...
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Enter the millennial

They are highly educated, far more tech savvy than previous generations, less interested in ...
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Insurance Talks #3 – Future-proofing processes in the insurance industry

For the Insurance FM podcast, Futurologist Michael Carl interviewed Dr. Gerrit Böhm, Member of ...
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Modern IT systems drive digitisation in the insurance industry

By Nicola Virzi, Sales Director at Keylane The insurance industry is in the midst of a digital ...
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Strap-In: Virtual Reality is about to revolutionise the insurance industry

When we think of VR (virtual reality) we tend to associate it with the entertainment industry. ...
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Insurance in our post-Covid world

Covid-19 has changed our world forever. And, as hyperbolic as that statement is, it is ...
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Ecosystems in Insurance

What follows is an edited transcript of an interview we conducted with futurologist Michael Carl ...
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SaaS: Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Software-as-a-service in the insurance industry is booming. For an insurance business to be able ...
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