Offering customers well-founded choices to optimise their assets

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Nykredit can now advise its wealthy clients about their financial situation and total assets – regardless of complexity.


Nykredit wanted to offer its wealthy customers a personal advisor to ensure consistency throughout the customer’s economy. The advisor must serve as a sparring partner while providing individual and professional care of the customer’s assets. Through solid experience and a high focus on investments, pension, housing and personal insurance, the advisor would provide optimal, productive and holistic advice with a high degree of security.

To fulfill its ambitions, Nykredit needed a new asset planning tool. In autumn 2013 Nykredit chose WealthPlan as the right replacement for its existing wealth advisory system.


In collaboration with Nykredit, Keylane carried out a potential analysis in order to identify Nykredit’s main requirements for a new advisory tool and verify that Nykredit’s business related challenges would be met with the WealthPlan solution.

Subsequently, WealthPlan was customised to fulfill Nykredit’s special requests for new functionality, styling and integrations for interaction with Nykredit’s other systems such as CRM and document archives.

Daily operation of WealthPlan is carried out within Nykredit’s own IT environment, and Keylane has additionally provided a separate test environment that is used to try out new components and functions that are continuously developed for the overall Wealth Plan solution.

We can offer our customers a complete overview of their total wealth, and illustrate suggestions on how they can optimise so that they get the most out of their assets.

Business Value

With WealthPlan, Nykredit is able to offer its clients a comprehensive financial overview, no matter how complex their assets.

WealthPlan thereby handles an ordinary private client’s asset such as available funds, property and pensions, while also handling customers who own businesses in whole or in part. The WealthPlan solution enables Nykredit to:

  • Include all of the customer’s income and capital items in an overall holistic wealth advisory process
  • Carry out a full life simulation of the expected capital development and consumption options, thereby providing a good starting point for dialogue about actual financial priorities and use of assets
  • Implement an automatic optimization of the customer’s asset situation, which indicates how the customer can benefit from the next investment in free resources such as repayment of debt, or pension funds. In addition, the optimal order of dissaving of the customer’s total assets is indicated
  • Nykredit and Keylane continually collaborate to develop the WealthPlan solution further – for example in relation to implementing new
Largest creditor in Denmark.

Nykredit was established in 1851 (under the name Nykredit since 1985). The main activities are commercial and mortgage banking. Other activities include insurance, leasing, pension and real estate services. Nykredit services 34.6% of its market and is thus Denmark’ largest creditor.

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Offering customers well-founded choices to ensure they get the most out of their assets

“An important competitive factor in the market with the most affluent customers is the ability to provide unique consultancy. Our advisors can now do so after our implementation of WealthPlan. With WealthPlan, we can offer our customers a complete overview of their total wealth, and illustrate suggestions on how they can optimize so that they get the most out of their assets. For this reason, our customers can make educated choices in relation to the savings and/or asset use structures they want – both in terms of their actual needs and in terms of how they get the most out of their assets.”

Henrik von der Ahe, former VP Finance & Wealth Advisory at Nykredit