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Extending our standard platform

KEYLANE May 16, 2022

In today’s world, the majority of P&C insurers have chosen to run their administration on an industry standard platform. And for good reason – a mature industry standard platform comes with all the basic, out-of-the-box functionality required by any P&C insurer.

The real question for P&C insurers is therefore “How easy is it to make an industry platform my own?

The Axon Platform

The Axon platform is an industry standard platform for handling policy, claims and billing for P&C insurers. Out-of-the-box, all standard processes are supported. However, we do not expect that all the needs you will ever face can be addressed with our out-of-the-box functionality.

With that in mind, we empower our customers to make the Axon platform their own. For example, our customers can configure their insurance products and processes without our help. And, to allow our clients the ability to extend Axon’s functionality, we have built Axon with a plugin architecture. This allows any third party to develop plugins to extend Axon’s functionality. For example, by allowing a connection to external systems anywhere in the policy or claims workflow.

Read our brochure for more information on extending your core.