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Belfius migrates to Keylane’s full SaaS solution

KEYLANE July 4, 2022

Belfius Insurance has been using Keylane’s Axon platform since 2016 for its private line and commercial line products, and has now signed an agreement to fully host Axon on Keylane’s private cloud, removing the need for third party hosting management.

Belfius is 100% committed to ensuring the satisfaction of its customers by serving them with meaningful, creative, and innovative banking and insurance solutions. In doing so,  Belfius intends to bring real added value to its customers by supporting them in a unique and integrated manner at every stage of their projects. This authentic commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen in the ‘For your love we do more’ campaign, launched in 2021.

The Keylane Cloud

The private Keylane cloud enables low-cost integration for business operations and is used by 90% of Keylane’s Property & Casualty customers. And, with Keylane as an infrastructure partner, Belfius is further unburdened and enabled to focus on their customers, thanks to everything being centralised, which further reduces complexity and ensures faster support by granting Belfius a single point of contact for its policy & claims administration platform.

Building stronger partnerships

“Up until now, having a different infrastructure partner added additional complexities to our operations and hindered our ability to move faster. By migrating our Axon platform to the Keylane cloud, we now have a single point of contact, allowing us to simplify our processes and react faster to changes, which ultimately contributes to higher customer satisfaction.“

Marjolein Sebille, CIO at Belfius Insurance

“With Belfius migrating to our full cloud solution for Axon, we can better support their business goals and respond faster to their needs and requests. We have enjoyed a fantastic partnership with Belfius over the years and are looking forward to innovating further together to deliver exceptional value and unrivalled excellence to the Belgian insurance market.”

Ron Van Den Broek, CEO Property & Casualty at Keylane

Keylane’s Axon platform

Axon is Keylane’s all-in-one SaaS administration platform empowering trust and operational excellence for Property & Casualty insurance companies. Axon supports the front, mid and back-office processes during the lifetime of policies and claim management. This all takes place in one system, supporting all channels: internet, extranet, intranet and web services.

By choosing to move their Axon application to Keylane’s private cloud hosting service, Belfius now have full infrastructure support, granting Belfius the peace of mind of a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution which enables 24/7 support free from the need to rely on third parties.