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Univé unlocks new income protection functionality with Keylane’s Axon platform

KEYLANE August 8, 2022

Univé, A Keylane customer and valued partner of many years who transitioned to our full SaaS solution in 2021, has achieved a new major milestone by moving the administration of their disability insurance policies and claims (AOV) to our Axon platform. 

Univé is a cooperative insurance company with its head office in Assen. Unlike most other insurers, Univé consists of a network of eight autonomous regional insurers with a total of about 101 regional offices. With 1,6 million cooperative members (out of 17 million inhabitants) Univé is one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands. 

Major Milestones Achieved

In October of 2021, Univé achieved the first of two major milestones by selling policies for the new income protection product: disability insurance. This was quickly followed by the second major milestone: the successful migration of customer information, policies and claims to Keylane’s Axon platform. 

As of this landmark migration, Axon will now handle approximately 5,100 insurance protection policies and over 600 active claims, with Univé being our first customer to make full use of Axon’s calculation models for the income protection administration: from the actuarial premium calculation, through to policy management and full claims handling, including periodic payments.  

Old Friends, New Functionality

With another successful migration, we are delighted to be the first to make use of Axon’s functionality for income protection. Our partnership with Keylane goes back many years, and above all else we have valued the openness, honesty and willing of Keylane to deliver state-of-the-art functionality. This will directly benefit our customers and cooperative members for many years to come.

Marco Nanne, Chief Financial and Operating Officer Univé Schade N.V.

It is very exciting to see one of our first and most trusted clients be the first to go live with the administration of income protection policies and claims using the Axon Calculation model. We are thankful Univé took this project on with us, and together we have seriously increased our ability to deal with these specific products through our state-of-the-art SaaS platform, which has opened the path for more of our clients to administer their income protection products through Axon.

Ron Van Den Broek, CEO Property & Causality at Keylane

Keylane’s Axon Platform

With Axon, we aim to foster trust and empower lasting partnerships by providing an all-in-one SaaS platform that ensures a 24/7 uptime for our customers. And, to stay true to our promise of unburdening our customers at every opportunity, we provide and implement continuous upgrades at no additional costs, guaranteeing that our customers are able to comply with the latest rules and regulations. Coupled with our commitment to backwards compatibility, Keylane is a partner you can rely on with a platform that always delivers.