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Univé completes migration to the new policy administration system

KEYLANE July 28, 2017

Dutch insurance company Univé rounded off its four-year migration project with the migration of its commercial general insurance products to QIS, Keylane’s modern web-based policy administration system. From April 2017, Univé has worked solely with a single administration system for both personal lines and commercial insurance.Univé administers all its personal lines and commercial insurance products in QIS, Keylane’s policy administration system. Univé uses QIS for all front office, middle office and back office processes. Private and commercial customers can now also arrange their general insurance policies via the website and apps.

With QIS now live Univé has achieved greater efficiency and effectiveness. Consultants spend less time on simple administrative tasks, leaving them with more time to use their skills and experience for advice and enabling Univé to provide a higher quality of service to its customers.

Goodbye to the mainframe

Univé had powerful drivers to replace its old systems including outmoded technology, the need to streamline the application landscape, the high costs of application support and the need for better integration with online channels. Formerly, Univé used multiple policy administration systems, including a mainframe application. Now, after 30 years, Univé can finally say goodbye to outdated technology.

The recently completed commercial migration project, the last part of the migration programme, began with the restructuring of the commercial general insurance product portfolio. Univé has been working closely with Keylane to reduce the number of product versions and to ensure that QIS provides optimal support for all its products. To streamline the implementation the products were transferred to QIS in groups. The work was divided into phases to allow for comprehensive testing and to take account of the complexity of the commercial insurance products.

Klaas Hans Noorderbos, the project manager, is proud of the almost complete lack of downtime during the migration. ‘In the end, less than one percent of the policies couldn’t be transferred automatically. That’s really extremely few, considering it was a full general insurance portfolio with dozens of products.’

Noorderbos believes that much of the project’s success can be attributed to the pleasant working relations between the two parties. ‘This project took four years, from start to finish, which demands an enormous amount of hard work from a customer-focused organisation. The fact that we have managed to complete this operation successfully is also largely due to Univé’s efforts. During the entire period, they kept their eye on the ball, did not allow themselves to be distracted but were open to constructive suggestions along the way.’

The migration of the commercial general insurances products follows the migration of the personal lines portfolio, which was finished in July 2016.

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