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Predict and prevent with Keylane’s Axon platform

KEYLANE February 20, 2023

Our Axon platform delivers data in real time, ensuring a future-fit solution for your insurance business in an industry that is rapidly transforming from “detect and repair” to “predict and prevent.”

A proactive future

Traditionally, insurers have operated  a “detect and repair” methodology, but emerging technologies will now enable a much more proactive role for insurers, moving the entire industry toward a “predict and prevent” business model. A seismic shift for the industry that offers a plethora of value for both customers and insurance businesses. For insurers, the promise is reduced costs, enhanced decision-making capabilities, and overall business optimisation.

Preparing for tomorrow

AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace, promising a future of deep system integration that will improve every corner of our lives as it drastically simplifies our digital engagements.

For customers of pension and insurance services, the promise is clear: a rejection of the “one size fits all” policy modelling in favour of personalised policies built around our individual needs, coupled with smart, paperless administration that does the thinking for us and removes uncertainty as well as the headaches of financial paperwork and guess work.

But the benefits for customers do not end there. Predict and prevent tools enable insurers to better inform and service their customers. For example, an insurer may make use of satellite data to forewarn customers about impending natural disasters, such as floods. Customers can then take mitigation action, such as moving their valuable belongings to higher ground, which would likely lead to less damage and in turn reduced pay-outs on the claims side. Which is, ultimately, the promise of insurance services: prevent damages and mitigate personal distress.

But to realise these customer expectations, insurers need a core system that is built to support emerging technologies, coupled with the ability to deliver data in real time and thus drastically optimise the customer experience.

Keylane’s Axon platform

Axon is Keylane’s all-in-one, future-fit SaaS (software as a service) administration platform empowering trust and operational excellence for Property & Casualty insurance companies. Axon has clear, smart, and intuitive workflows coupled with pre-configured business rules that remove the pain points and time-sinks from your claim handlers’ task lists. In short, Axon is designed to maximise output and minimise employee frustration and duplication of tasks.

Axon supports the front, mid and back office processes during the lifetime of policies and claim reports. This all takes place in one system, supporting all channels: internet, extranet, intranet and web services. Make use of 100% web-based software in a secure private cloud environment that fully integrates with your own application landscape. An ISO 27001 and ISAE3402 certified environment that is robust, scalable and secure. No need to worry about installation, configuration, performance, upgrades, maintenance or disaster recovery. We take care of it all.

Test drive Axon today

Experience Axon for yourself today. Simply fill out the contact form and request an extended demo and we will happily show you how Axon works to take away many of the problems facing the industry today.