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Keylane sells subsidiary FlexiQ

KEYLANE February 7, 2019

Keylane sells its subsidiary FlexiQ, a consultancy company focused on the pension and life sector

The company is transferred via a management buy-out to the current management, Gerrit Noorman and Magchiel Kessen.

Keylane focuses on the development and implementation of SaaS software and the consultancy activities of FlexiQ no longer fit in with Keylane’s strategy. Keylane and FlexiQ remain partners for the deployment of temporary capacity during the software implementations conducted by Keylane.

“FlexiQ is in capable hands with Gerrit and Magchiel. They have successfully managed FlexiQ during the last years and I wish them every success with the further development of the company,” says Ralf Timmer, CEO of Keylane.

Gerrit Noorman: “The independence gives us more room to respond to opportunities in the market and work on improving our services even more. We have secured our close cooperation with Keylane by entering into a partnership.”

“And what remains is the emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and the long-term relationship. We also intend to retain and develop the sense of involvement and the ‘club feeling’ within FlexiQ. We wish Keylane every success in giving their innovative ambitions concrete form in the future,” says Magchiel Kessen.

More information

Keylane is a European supplier of modern, customer-oriented software for the insurance and pension markets. We offer our services to over a hundred insurance companies and pension providers. For more information contact Gerrit Noorman +31 (0)6 52 727 704

F.l.t.r. Stephen Dews (CFO Keylane), Ralf Timmer (CEO Keylane), Magchiel Kessen (FlexiQ) and Gerrit Noorman (FlexiQ)

About FlexiQFlexiQ

-is a consultancy organisation that operates at the crossroads of ICT and business. The approximately 40 employees and temporary staff work daily with passion and drive at Dutch insurers, pension funds and pension administrators in the field of migrations, implementations, conversions, data cleaning and management.