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Keylane empowers a.s.r. with Axon solution

KEYLANE December 13, 2021

After a successful implementation in February 2021 for new business and subsequent migration of the existing portfolio in November, a.s.r. have gone live with Keylane’s Axon solution for commercial line insurance, empowering a fully digital experience which significantly reduces manual tasks.

a.s.r., a company offering fair and sustainable insurance solutions that improve the quality of life for customers in the Netherlands, have been pioneering and selling insurance since 1720. Sustainable insurance and customer experience have always been at the heart of everything they do.

a.s.r. and Keylane began the project in 2019, with a.s.r. seeking a tailored and future-fit solution that could reduce the inherent complexities for commercial line insurance.

“We have achieved more than we had hoped for with this go live and are incredibly proud of the results. To realise the accomplishment of offering Axon for commercial line business, we had to re-think existing processes, as a.s.r.’s portfolio contained a much higher degree of complexity than we were used to handling within Axon.”, said Ron van den Broek, Director P&C for Keylane. “We developed innovative ways to calculate risks, premiums, and adjust processes for a commercial line insurer, and this functionality is now available for all commercial line insurers”.

Axon gives a.s.r. the means to provide a fully digitalised way of working with their commercial line customers and agents, empowering them to provide unrivalled service to their commercial customers. And now, for both their personal and commercial businesses, they have the benefit of working with Keylane Axon, which is a highly regarded, standardised and flexible future-fit system with the full capabilities to support a.s.r’s business needs.

Axon is engineered to support the needs of commercial line insurance, so insurance companies can now manage their properties, liabilities, lease vehicles, and all other commercial line insurance needs with Keylane’s Axon platform.