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JBF takes agility to the next level with Keylane’s frequent release programme

KEYLANE February 17, 2021

JBF and Keylane announced today, that JBF has increased agility throughout their business operations with the implementation of the Keylane frequent release programme.

Recognised for their excellence in customer satisfaction and loyalty, Norway based JBF is the insurer for railway personnel and their relatives. This next milestone in JBF and Keylane’s partnership allows for quick access to new functionality and gives JBF the opportunity to provide the very latest product options to their customers.

JBF went live with Keylane’s Non-Life Insurance SaaS platform, Axon, in May 2019. The previous quarterly software-releases of Axon are now available on a monthly basis. With JBF’s participation in the Keylane frequent release programme, JBF is able to eliminate large software upgrade projects and reduce time to market, providing business value both internally and externally.

“The project was executed smoothly from start to finish. Going live with Keylane Axon was certainly a great feat. A ‘Big Bang’ migration. Our teams at JBF worked closely with Keylane to achieve this next milestone. The roll-out was seamless and it has been an effective collaboration. We now benefit from monthly software updates and can bring changes and improvements to market without delay,” said Roger Røren, CIO JBF.

‘’JBF has a proven track record of loyalty and service to their customers. We are delighted that they have put their trust in us first with a big bang go-live of our Non-Life solution Axon and now with moving into the next level of our SaaS delivery i.e. frequent releases. By doing so, upgrades of the core insurance solution has almost become a non-event for both JBF and Keylane. Doing monthly upgrades enables JBF to bring new features to the market as soon as they have been developed, leaving them with more time to focus on core business initiatives. We will continue to support JBF with our robust and proven SaaS technology” said Lukas van Grunsven, Chief Delivery Office Non-Life at Keylane.

About Jernbanepersonaltes Bank og Forsikring

JBF provides general insurance and banking products to employees or relatives of the employees that work in businesses related to the Norwegian Railway and their connected families. JBF has eight offices spread throughout Norway in addition to a central call centre and self-service over the internet. JBF is rated highest in its class for customer satisfaction and loyalty in Norway, according to a recent KTI-Rating survey conducted by Barcode Intelligence and the Norwegian Customer Barometer.

About Keylane

Keylane is a leading SaaS platform provider for the insurance and pension industry. Keylane empowers the insurance and pension industry to transform their business and achieve their goals through innovative solutions that redefine how insurance software works. Over 270 customers across Benelux, Nordics and DACH regions run their business on Keylane platforms.

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