Digital Transformation

Technology to optimally support business, drive down costs and remain at the forefront of innovation

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Digital Transformation in Insurance & Pension

Digital transformation has significantly changed the way of doing business. Keylane’s SaaS solutions unburden you as an insurer or pension provider, leaving you more time, money and resources to focus on what really matters—serving your customers.

Consumers today tend to expect instant gratification and are not willing to wait for a 40-page policy to arrive by mail. With Keylane’s single-solution web interface they do not have to anymore.

New software versions and updates are now released on a monthly, rather than quarterly or yearly basis, which means Keylane customers can benefit from the changes and improvements without delay.

Our close collaboration with a growing eco-system of emerging technologies partners allows us to offer a seamless, end-to-end SaaS offering with highly specialised features such as fraud detection and advanced analytics available as additional add-ons via our advanced plug-in architecture and ’add-on vendor’ selection flexibility.

Digital transformation offers significant benefits from automation to cost optimisation in today’s market, and at end of the day, the goal to streamline and enhance the digital experience for the end customer is easier served.

How to start your own digital transformation
  • Put the customer first, not your system or process
  • Review your architecture from a customer centric perspective
  • Invest in technology to stay competitive today and tomorrow
Key features
  • Claim processing is 100% digital, fully automated and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Electronic payments are instantaneous.

  • Application hosting and system management are cloud-based and future-ready software ensures meeting compliance standards in the midst of ever-changing legislation and policy.

  • Insurance and pension providers using Keylane’s SaaS interface to run their businesses, improve productivity and efficiency exponentially, while reducing costs.

  • Keylane’s range of SaaS solutions are highly configurable and offer the freedom to make adjustments or changes to the systems easily.