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Exploring innovations in pension communications: Allianz and Keylane L&P featured on RTLZ

KEYLANE April 23, 2024

Keylane Life & Pension had the privilege of welcoming a film crew from RTLZ, the renowned Dutch business news channel, to our Utrecht office. They were here to shoot footage for an upcoming TV programme on the new Dutch pension system (WTP) titled “What to do with your pension” spanning five informative episodes.

Keylane Life & Pension was honoured to be invited to participate, offering insights from a technology perspective. Collaborating closely with our customer Allianz, we discussed the importance of relevant and timely member communication and touched upon the latest developments and possibilities of member and employer portals, customer journeys and pension planning tools.

Led by our CEO Leon de Looff, the discussions navigated through the evolving landscape of pension communications. In an engaging dialogue with MariĆ«l van der Veer, Head of Sales Employee Benefits at Allianz, they explored the latest developments and challenges facing the life and pension industry. The innovative Allianz pension portals, powered by Keylane’s Plexus Digital Engagement platform, were showcased, offering a glimpse into the future of interactive pension management.

The broadcast is scheduled for the end of May and promises valuable insights into pension planning and communications in the digital age. Stay tuned for the final airing date, as we eagerly await to share this informative programme in Dutch with you.

Allianz and Keylane Life & Pension are committed to driving innovation and enhancing the pension experience for all stakeholders.