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Find money out of thin air

KEYLANE January 5, 2023

Getting an overview of your economy can be difficult and time consuming. Helping your customers to get that overview is even more difficult. And getting more out of their economy is a very complex task, because you will always ask: Could I do this better? What if I moved the start date of this annuity? Should I advise my customer to use their free assets now or later?

The problem with these trials is the complexity and the dependencies to tax calculation, the level of social benefit, the interest rate on each element, the expected pension period, and a lot more. These kinds of calculations require the use of more than the four basic arithmetic operations.

The good news is, there is a platform that can vastly simplify these processes.

The Obex Platform

The Keylane Obex platform features an optimisation tool targeted at calculating the entire economy for a person or a household, and determine if the assets and payments can be rearranged to raise the disposable income – without paying more money.

You can put in all kinds of limitations to the optimisation, e.g. always leave a certain amount to my heirs, selling your house in ten-years’ time, have a higher disposable income in this period, and so forth.

The optimisation tool gives you and your customers suggestions to adjust the retirement plan, so you and your customers can focus on the things that really matter in life.


The Obex platform is based on a true service-oriented architecture, which means you can build your own customer journey by using our well-defined APIs.

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