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Create a budget in two minutes

KEYLANE January 5, 2023

Traditionally, supplying the bank, the advisor or the mortgage institute with a household budget can be a long and hard process involving binders of papers, bank statements, calculator skills, spreadsheets and many hours of work. And on top of that, often one or more posts may be overlooked just because you lose the overview.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a platform that could make the hard work effortless? A platform which could provide a full budget based upon values derived from people in similar situations as your customers (salaries, family size, monthly expenses, etc.) within minutes, freeing you up to concentrate on adjusting the big posts in the budget, such as the mortgage.

Well, there is such a platform.

The Obex Platform

The Keylane Obex platform provides the possibility to create a household budget using only 5-7 parameters based on the customers’ input. This budget is based on many statistics about people, combined with actual values on key figures from public data and private data, e.g. price of non-life insurance, usage of water, price of kindergarten, etc.

Once the budget is created, the customer has the opportunity to adjust the key posts, such as the payment of the mortgage. The customer can see which fields he or she has adjusted, and which fields are created from the system.

The financial institution can use the output from the budget in the credit process, and the Obex Platform provides the necessary key figures, such as credit score and disposable amount. And on top of this, the Obex Platform can also provide a budget projection for the coming years, to handle the more complex credit processes.


The Obex platform is based on a true service-oriented architecture, which means you can build your own customer journey by using our well-defined APIs.

More information

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