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KEYLANE January 5, 2023

We have all been there, an IT project becomes bigger than expected, or it tries to solve too many issues in one go, or the outcomes miss the targets, or the business changes focus, or … well, you get the picture.

In today’s world, businesses want to implement small, incremental changes and try them out with their customers. But at the same time they must comply with legislation, traceability, GDPR and a lot more.

All this might leave you exhausted even before you’ve started your project – and before you’ve acquired the software to support your business goals.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that could make your business more agile?

The Obex Platform

The Keylane Obex platform is a true service-orientated solution, encompassing micro-services that are ready to use.

Each service and each command can be accessed via a fully documented API – and you’ll be up and running in no time. Keylane provides a co-pilot for the first couple of hours, and then your developers are fully equipped to use, for example, the tax calculation, the standard budget values, the need analysis and many other services.

This enables you to concentrate on building better user interfaces, new apps, or new features on your homepage. The Obex platform provides the calculations.

We even have a sandbox where the entire platform is located – and it is free of charge if you want to try it out. When you are ready to go-live, we switch the service into production mode.


The Obex platform is based on a true service-oriented architecture, which is accessible through our SaaS environment.

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