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Exceed your customers’ expectations

KEYLANE January 5, 2023

Try to remember the last time you had a truly good customer experience. Was it when you received more than you expected? Customers get frustrated by complex – and even simple – economical insights, because it can be a challenge to explain such financial matters in an understandable way. But what if you could exceed your customers’ expectations and leave them with a clear overview of their economical overviews?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform that could support you in this task, allowing you to focus on delivering the best customer guidance with tools you can always depend on?

We are confident in saying we have that platform.

The Obex Platform

The Keylane Obex platform gives financial advisors the ability to load and enter all customer data, generating overviews from which you can create what-if scenarios to help guide your customers towards the best possible decisions. Along the way, and where applicable, you can provide extra products to your customers.

Your customers receive reports with a clear and detailed plan of the actions they should take now, and in the future.


The Obex platform is based on a true service-oriented architecture, which means you can get started right away without any contractual commitment, and if you want to build integrations you can start with the most important first.

More information

Want to know more about how you can exceed your customers’ expectations? Please contact Lars Jacobsen, Director, at