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A 10-year partnership empowered by innovation

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Rising to the challenge together

Unigarant’s legacy systems weren’t meeting their business needs, which impacted product innovation. To address this and ensure future-fit operations, Unigarant implemented a new, modern management system, converting 2,500,000 policies to the new system.

“The new system had to be based on modern technology, because we wanted a future proof system.”
Marin Roos, CIO Unigarant

Unigarant set high preconditions for their new system. “Quotations, policy underwritings, change requests and claim reports had to be a fully automatic process,” says Marin Roos. “We wanted straight through processing and easy access for a diverse group of users. In addition, the new system had to be based on modern technology, because we wanted a future proof system.”

True partners

To celebrate the one year anniversary of ‘Pulse’, Unigarant and Keylane cycled together from the Keylane office in Utrecht to the Unigarant office in Hoogeveen (160kms!).

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In the kitchen

For the 10 year anniversary of our cooperation with Unigarant, we organised a cooking session with Master Chef Ron Blaauw. Watch Keylane and Unigarant talk about their innovative and exciting partnership as they cook up something special for Keylane’s “in the kitchen” workshop.


”Traditionally, technology was intended to control everything we do and do it well inside our own company. In collaboration with Keylane, we try to make the technology in such a way that it can also work very well in collaboration and connection with other parties. So that that technology integrates much more in an ecosystem with other parties, so that the whole provides a service again”

Marin Roos, Director IT and Innovation at Unigarant

We have now switched to frequent releasing almost 2 years ago. And it actually works very well. We used to have to bring a release live in a weekend and that was very exciting itself for a whole weekend. Now we do it on a Wednesday evening and I don’t even take the phone to bed anymore because it’s going well anyway. That’s such a difference from how it used to be, with what frequent releases really helped us. That we have a new release every month and that we can use new functionality every month.

Regina Bos, Teammanager Analysis and Management at Unigarant

A future proof system

After an intensive selection process, Unigarant chose Keylane’s Non-Life solution Axon: a fully integrated web based policy and claims management system. Axon supports the front, mid and back office processes during the lifetime of policies and claim reports. This all takes place in one system, supporting all channels: internet, extranet, intranet and web services. Chain integration makes working with the new management system easy for all parties: from employee to policy holder. “Non-recurring data-entry at the source increases operational excellence,” says Marin Roos.

Satisfied users

Today, over 10.000 policy holders use the new management system at Unigarant. “The system’s user friendliness is its biggest asset, enabling real-time data processing and modern techniques. A hugely improved extranet enables Unigarant to provide an even better service to our customers, brokers and business partners, while reducing operational costs.”

Unigarant Insurance
Good partnerships drive all parties to reach higher, further and with the confidence to go beyond what was originally thought possible. This has certainly proven true in Keylane and Unigarant’s partnership.

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  • One integrated online platform for both internal and external users
  • Automatic processing of policy underwritings, policy changes and claim report
  • Support for multi-labeling and new distribution concepts
  • Simplified IT landscape, with lower costs
  • Complete chain integration
  • A short time-to-market of new products
  • Improved customer service
  • More ease of use and efficiency