Covering current and future trends in the insurance and pension industry.

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The insurance and pension industry is going through a period of immense disruption led by emerging technologies and the changing demands of digitally savvy policyholders. In this blog, we examine the ‘water cooler’ topics that are driving discussions throughout the industry and influencing the products and services of tomorrow.

Digital development and innovation are essential for success

Freeing up resources and strengthening customer-facing advisory functions has never been more urgent, as digital development…
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An interview with Keylane’s CEO

Dr. Robin Keira, founder and CEO at Digitalscouting, a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany,…
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Modern IT systems drive digitisation in the insurance industry

The insurance industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Increasingly, customers expect comprehensive digital…
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Concierge services inspire customer loyalty

Redefining the customer journey Early adopters in the insurance industry are now offering life concierge services…
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Individualised insurance pricing in a subscription economy

Against current insurance pricing trends, insurance companies still apply standard, non-individualised pricing to embedded insurances as…
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The challenges of democratising data

The modern digital world is awash in data, but understanding and parsing that data has until…
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The four key steps to data democratisation 

The process of data democratisation is not something that can be achieved overnight, but with a…
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Semi automated claim handling is the new frontier in digital claims handling

From an automation-perspective there are three types of claims. Firstly, claims that can be automated without…
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Extending our standard platform

In today’s world, the majority of P&C insurers have chosen to run their administration on an…
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Extendable Applications: The best of both worlds

In a previous blog post we wrote about customisation vs configuration and discussed two approaches that…
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