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KEYLANE April 25, 2017

Allianz receives the first application via HDN

In the past few months, Keylane has developed LeanApps Life to link with the Hypotheek Data Netwerk (HDN, mortgage data network). As a result, straight through processing is now available for an application for an Overlijdens Risico Verzekering (ORV, death risk insurance). Allianz recently received its first application via HDN, demonstrating the successful connection between LeanApps Life to the HDN.

HDN is recognised as the ultimate communication standard for the application, acceptance and management processes of mortgage products and mortgage-related products. Almost all financial advisors and virtually all major providers of mortgage products and mortgage-related products are now connected to this platform; as well as franchise chains, service organisations and IT suppliers. Due to the development of this connection, mortgage providers are now able to submit an ORV application to LeanApps Life customers automatically, which makes the application process easier and faster.

Call your Keylane contact now to discover how your ORV applications to be sent via HDN.

New approach for a.s.r. Leven

Insurer a.s.r. Leven was dealing with over a thousand products across seven policy administration systems, which was far from ideal regarding operational efficiency. a.s.r. opted for a new approach, in partnership with Keylane. ‘We do everything together with transparent collaboration, focusing on the same objective. Eventually, everyone in the organisation will benefit from this,’ programme manager Martin de Klijn says.

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Keylane acquires Danish leader Schantz

Keylane has acquired Schantz, a recognised leader of software solutions for financial institutions. The combination of resources and capabilities will ensure that both Keylane and Schantz clients will benefit from the delivery of future-proof solutions.

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