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We hope to see you at the Pensioen Pro Conference

KEYLANE September 27, 2022

Keylane is sponsoring the Pensioen Pro Annual Conference in Amsterdam on the 4th of October. The overall theme of the conference will be “The road to DC: Transition to a new pension system”. Industry experts from the Dutch pension market will gather to gain insights and to share knowledge and experience with peers.

At the conference Keylane will host an interactive break-out session to discuss communication and IT during the transition to the new Dutch pension system, i.e., moving from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution. As the leading European supplier of robust, highly configurable and customer-centric SaaS platforms to the life and pension industry, we will share our experiences on how to unlock real-time, relevant customer communication through technology.

Keylane break-out session, October 4th  at 15.00 -15.30

Communication & IT during the transition to the new Dutch pension system
An interactive break-out session where we will discuss the depth of participants’ information needs during the transition to the new pension system.

By Wouter Boeser and Jeroen van Schaik, both Principal Consultants at Keylane.

Wouter and Jeroen have many years of experience in implementing standard software for pension administrators and developing complex automation and transition processes in the pension industry. Wouter and Jeroen are always looking for sustainable solutions to the challenges within pension administration and the pension industry, based on the possibilities of IT and automation.

Join our break-out session  by clicking here:

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