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Uncovering the dynamics and trends in the Life & Pension industry in 2024

KEYLANE January 23, 2024

As we step into 2024, the life and pension industry undergoes dynamic shifts driven by technological advancements, evolving customer expectations, and regulatory changes. In this article, we explore the key trends shaping the industry, based on our extensive experience in these markets and insightful observations. We aim to provide insights into the transformative journey of life and pension providers, encompassing insurance companies, pension funds and pension service companies in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Get ready to gain valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the life and pension industry. Discover how these trends, rooted in technology, customer-centricity, and ethical practices, can empower life and pension providers for a successful and sustainable future.

Digital transformation remains at the forefront
We believe that digital transformation will have an even greater influence on the life and pension industry in 2024. Through significant investments in transformative technology such as cloud-based platforms for streamlined administrative processes and predictive analytics for personalised risk assessments. These investments aim to streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and boost overall efficiency. The momentum of digitalisation is not only shaping a more agile and responsive industry but is also imperative for scalability and predictability, ensuring readiness for the demands of an ever-evolving market.

Personalisation through data analytics and AI
The wealth of data available in the digital age is a goldmine for life and pension providers. Data analytics stands at the forefront, playing a pivotal role in the creation of personalised pension products and services – a trend set to persist. Providers can leverage AI to gain deeper insights into customer behaviours, preferences, and risk profiles, empowering them to tailor products and services that address the unique needs of both individuals and retirees. This enhances customer satisfaction and promotes long-term customer loyalty, whilst reducing risks and fraud for the life and pension provider

Focus on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) practices to unlock a better future
Ethical considerations are increasingly influencing customer choices, and the life and pension industry is no exception. There will be a growing emphasis on ESG practices in the forthcoming years. Providers are anticipated to progressively incorporate sustainable and socially responsible investment strategies into their portfolios, aligning their offerings with the values of environmentally and socially conscious customers.

Notably, we are also actively taking measures to ensure compliance with ESG requirements through our CSR policy, demonstrating our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices that resonate with our customers’ values. Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our CSR covers a wide range of activities and initiatives to promote sustainable development and make a difference for our employees, customers, and the environment.

Enhanced customer engagement
Customer engagement continues to evolve beyond traditional touchpoints. Life and pension providers will further leverage tech solutions to enhance customer interactions through chatbots, mobile apps, and personalised communication channels. These tools improve customer engagement and contribute to a more transparent and accessible pension experience, positively impacting customer retention and market share.

No future without cybersecurity  
In an era where digitalisation is at the forefront, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the resilience of digital infrastructure are non-negotiable aspects of success. Implementing robust cybersecurity measures becomes a cornerstone in maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders, safeguarding against cyber threats, and fostering the long-term sustainability of the industry. As life and pension providers embrace the opportunities presented by digital transformation, a vigilant commitment to cybersecurity becomes an integral part of securing a prosperous future in this technology-driven landscape.

Rise of insurtech partnerships
Collaborations between traditional life and pension providers and insurtech startups will continue to be highly valuable. Insurtech companies bring agility, innovation, and novel technologies to the table, while established providers like Keylane contribute with their industry expertise and customer bases. This constructive partnership results in a win-win situation, fostering the development of ground-breaking solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the market.

Regulatory evolution and compliance
The ever-changing regulatory landscape in the life and pension industry is a constant. In 2024, providers will turn to technology to ensure compliance. Powerful SaaS solutions are becoming essential in streamlining compliance processes, mitigating risks, and facilitating swift adaptation to regulatory changes. Providers equipped with compliance management software will not only stay ahead of the regulatory curve but also gain a competitive edge in the industry.

All in all, the life and pension industry stands at the crossroads of continuous innovation and adaptation. The trends and observations outlined above highlight the industry’s dynamic transformation through the strategic incorporation of technology and a steadfast dedication to customer-centric solutions.

Life and pension providers who not only identify but actively integrate these trends into their overarching strategies are positioned not just to survive but to thrive in a landscape defined by the hallmarks of digitalisation, personalisation, and an unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Embrace these changes and embark on a journey of enduring success in the evolving landscape of the life and pension industry.