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Successful migration of more than 307,000 participants at a.s.r. to our Plexus platform

KEYLANE February 6, 2024

Keylane Life & Pension has successfully completed the migration of a.s.r.’s employee pension product to the Plexus platform. This milestone, achieved in close collaboration with a.s.r., illustrates our commitment to providing our customers with a seamless transition to our SaaS solutions.

In June 2023, the Plexus platform went live at a.s.r., enabling the sale of its pension products through Plexus. Subsequently, the product portfolio expanded with the Flexible Premium Arrangement (FPR) product, in accordance with the new Dutch pension system Wet Toekomst Pensioenen (WTP). The integration of the Plexus platform into the a.s.r. landscape laid the foundation for the successful migration of the employee pension product to Keylane’s end-to-end SaaS platform Plexus.

Keylane’s expertise in data migration was evident in the migration of pension policies for 307,485 participants and 9,762 employers. This achievement confirms our dedication to ensuring a seamless transition for our customers, based on our extensive experience with large-scale migrations and a proven migration approach.

Following the migration, employers and advisors gained access to the integrated Plexus employer and advisor portals, ultimately increasing process efficiency.

The migration of the employee pension product sets the stage for further migrations, including the Aegon Cappital PPI portfolio. Subsequently, a.s.r.’s other pension products (Doenpensioen and the closed book pension portfolio) will also be migrated to Keylane’s SaaS platform Plexus. These steps enable a.s.r. to centralise its pension portfolio and modernise its pension offerings.

Folkert Pama, a.s.r. director of pensions, says; “For a.s.r., this step is very important because it fully utilizes the target landscape for the pension domain. With the arrival of the WTP, having a modern and flexible IT environment is crucial. It has now been created, and our customers, partners, and ourselves will reap the benefits in terms of convenience, modern communication, and low costs.

Leon de Looff, CEO of Keylane Life & Pension, states; “The implementation of Plexus for this extensive portfolio indicates that our platform is a proven solution for the Dutch pension market and is capable of supporting the transition to the WTP. We are very pleased with our valuable collaboration and the trust of a.s.r. to migrate their other portfolios to Plexus, totalling more than 1.5 million participants.

For related information, please read the article featured in Pensioen Pro on 9 February 2024 (available in Dutch only.

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