Utilise a 100% web based software platform in a secure private cloud environment that fully integrates with your own application landscape.

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SaaS enables scalability, innovation and improved TCO

We are the leading European supplier of customer-centric SaaS platforms to the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. With Axon, Keylane provides a SaaS platform that is future-ready and cost efficient for our customers. Axon facilitates seamless connections with other systems whether they are running on-premises or in the cloud, and at the same time offers you better overall security.  

Keylane’s SaaS delivers the P&C insurance industry peace of mind by providing the guarantee that our customers are able to meet all regulation and compliance requirements. Next to the pressure of staying complaint, we also see insurance companies struggling to embrace new technologies to combat slowing growth and rising competition. By upgrading Axon on a monthly basis, at no additional costs, we are able to provide all of our customers with the latest and greatest version. And thanks to these frequent, incremental upgrades our customers now consider upgrading their core system to be a non-event for their operations.

Furthermore, Axon allows you to access your core system via a web browser rather than running software from your work device or company network, giving you the flexibility and full ‘access anywhere’ capabilities our new normal demands.  

Key features

  • Seamless user experience thanks to our continuous software development.
  • The underlying infrastructure and the delivery of customer services are developed and managed in a methodical and uniform way.
  • Fast time-to-market with new releases every month.
  • Reduction of risk thanks to guaranteed service levels in terms of operations and growth.
Key benefits
  • Configurable architecture which is truly scalable and flexible thanks to Hybrid-Cloud Technology.
  • Unburdening our customers by taking full responsibility for application hosting and management.
  • Offering the best in class service, supported by expert teams who specialise in application hosting and management of our own applications.
Unigarant Insurance
Unigarant Insurance
Unigarant replaced their systems resulting in integrated policy and claims management system for insurers.
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To leverage economy of scale for our customers, we offer Axon as a standard core platform. It is pre-equipped with all functionalities required by P&C insurance companies, and its functionality can be easily extended via plugins either built by us or a third party. 

Our SaaS platforms are a combined offering of standard software, managed hosting and operational services, which allows us to take end-to-end responsibility and ensure our core platform always functions optimally and to expectations. 

Keylane’s cloud platform is ISO 27001 and ISAE3402 certified as well as multi-faceted, scalable, highly configurable and secure. With Keylane SaaS, worrying about installation, configuration, performance, upgrades, maintenance, or emergency recovery and critical organisational processes is a thing of the past. 

More information

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