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P+ launches campaign for market-rate product transition

KEYLANE March 16, 2023

P+ members are offered the opportunity to switch to P+ Life cycle, which is P+’s first market-rate product. As part of the campaign to encourage this transition, P+ has implemented an impressive fully automated portal functionality for managing, monitoring, and effectuating the switch. The management and effectuation processes are powered by the standardised API services of Plexus.

P+ rolled out the first wave of transition offers for its market-rate product, P+ Life cycle, on February 1st, 2023. The product is designed to help members select the most suitable pension scheme based on their risk profile. It automatically adjusts the investment risk based on the remaining time until the member’s retirement age, thereby tracking the member’s life cycle. Members can choose from a range of risk profiles through P+’s self-service solution, which is built on top of the wide range of API services provided by Plexus, Keylane’s SaaS platform for the life and pension industry.

Since the beginning of last year, the product has become a permanent feature in P+’s product range, and it has replaced the old average interest rate product for all new members. Now, it is also time for existing members who are being offered the opportunity to transition to the new product. P+ has developed a comprehensive advisory package to guide members through the process and ensure a seamless transition. The transition offers are sent out in waves to ensure that members have sufficient time to ask questions and seek additional advice without putting too much pressure on P+’s member service.

Keylane has used Plexus’ event-driven engine to manage the transition process for members’ policies, handling all the underlying logic and workflow. This includes the process of offering and effectuating the transition, as well as the workflow engine that orchestrates tasks such as sending letters, acknowledgments, and effectuation.

P+ has developed the portal themselves, which is built on their existing self-service universe. The portal is designed to present policy changes and forecasted consequences in a clear and pedagogical manner. The digital process is linked to the exchange of data about the member’s current coverage, which is retrieved from Plexus’ standard API services. Additionally, the portal leverages existing functionality in Plexus to provide forecast figures and the letter that initiates the transition process for the member.

The Plexus Unit Linked module
The Unit Linked module in Plexus supports capital-based savings products, such as market interest, fixed interest, free investment products, etc. It is possible to have money-based and unit-based savings. In the latter case, the module has built-in processes for ordering and pricing to and from an external fund manager.

Investment funds can be grouped into portfolios linked to a risk appetite and can be used in products to define savings coverage in combination with risk appetite. At the policy level, the selected portfolio is used to accumulate savings over time. When relevant, dividends and expenses can also be imposed.

More than 400 API services
Keylane’s industry platform Plexus is built as a modular and fully service-based application, delivered with a comprehensive set of tested and maintained standard services covering all functional areas of Plexus. Each module in Plexus offers an API service that includes everything from policy quotes to setting up new products and agreements. Our standard service catalogue provides more than 400 API services.

Overall, life and pension companies can create the necessary integrations and services to other systems and portals when developing new products, thereby launching them on the market without the need for system upgrades or additional core system development.

About P+
P+ is a Danish pension fund for academics. P+ is a 100% member-owned pension fund, where all profits go to the 110,000 members who together have an asset of over DKK 150 billion. This makes P+ one of Denmark’s 10 largest pension companies. For more information, visit

More information

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