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P+ has launched a new market interest product

KEYLANE January 6, 2022

P+ Livscyklus was launched on 1 November 2021 based on Plexus – Keylane’s modern platform for Life and Pension. In addition, P+ has developed its own self-service universe for their members enabled by the API services of Plexus.

The Danish pension fund P+ has been a customer of Plexus for more than 10 years. In 2020, all members and policies were moved to the latest version of Plexus. On top of strengthening its digital foundation by upgrading to the latest version of Plexus, P+ achieves further automation of its business processes using the platform’s modern workflow module, faster time-to-market of new pension products, improved customer service and increased configuration options according to demand.

One of the new options that P+ has chosen to use is the Unit Linked module of Plexus, which during 2021 is configured to ensure efficient administration of P+’s new market interest product P+ Livscyklus. As of November 1st  2021, all new members of P+ will be created on P+ Livscyklus, while existing members will have the opportunity to move from their current product to the market interest product from the summer of 2022.

The new product enables members to choose the right pension scheme based on their risk profile. The total investment risk will be automatically adjusted depending on how much time there is left until the member’s retirement age, which means that the product follows the member’s life cycle. The choice of risk profiles is made via the self-service solution, which P+ has developed based on the large selection of API services offered by Plexus.

Søren Kolbye Sørensen, CEO of P+, says: The digital transformation of our business is an important part of our strategy to offer our members the best service and the most competitive and flexible products. Our launch of a new market interest product on Keylane’s platform is a good example of how we can develop relevant solutions for our members, and be cost-effective at the same time, because we do not have to build the solution from scratch”.

The Unit Linked module from Plexus
The Unit Linked domain supports the capital based savings products. This can be market rate, fixed rate, free investments products, etc. It is possible to have money and unit based savings. In the latter case, the domain provides processes for ordering and pricing to and from an external asset manager.

Investment funds can be grouped into portfolios connected to a risk appetite, and can be used in products to define the savings covers in combination with risk appetites. On policy level the chosen portfolio is used to accrue the savings over time. When applicable, a dividend can be applied, and also cost charges.

More than 400 API services
Keylane’s standard SaaS platform Plexus is built as a modularised and fully service-enabled application that comes with a rich set of tested and maintained standard services. These cover all areas of functionality in Plexus. Each module in Plexus exposes a service API, which encompasses everything from policy quotation to setting up new products and agreements. The standard service catalogue supplies more than 400 services.

All in all, life and pension companies can create the necessary integrations and services to other systems and portals when developing new products and thereby push them to the market without the need for system upgrade or additional development to the core system.

More information

Please contact Michael Gade Nielsen, Head of Professional Services, at, if you would like to hear more about Keylane’s Unit Linked module and standard API services.

About P+
P+ is the pension fund for academics. P+ is a 100% member-owned pension fund, where all profits are shared among its 100,000 members, who together have AuM of 150 billion DKK. This makes P+ one of Denmark’s 10 largest pension companies. For more information visit