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Nykredit chooses Keylane’s new financial advisory platform

KEYLANE May 31, 2022

Nykredit opts for Keylane’s new Obex platform for holistic financial advisory and is taking the platform into use during Q4 2022 with its private- and wealth advisors.

Nykredit expects that the new Obex platform will help its advisors bring all elements into play to a far greater extent when both advisors and customers are provided with a holistic overview of all life event topics during the financial advisory session.

In this connection, Nykredit has had first-hand experience with how the Obex platform can be used actively in a financial advisory session.

“We are experiencing a significant improvement in the way we work. In the future, the advisor will see a number of life events on the screen, such as pension, illness, death, senior, wealth and benefits, and thus get a quick overview of the topics that may be relevant to the individual advisory session. Obex supports the comprehensive financial advisory we stand for and want to deliver,” says Carsten Drud, Head of Function at Nykredit.

Streamlined advisory provides a better customer experience
Based on the holistic financial overview provided by Obex, Nykredit will have the opportunity to involve the customer in the order of the most important topics in the advisory, so that they are dealt with according to the customer’s priority. The individual topic can then be selected for an in-depth review that can range from e.g., savings, insurances to transfer beneficiary.

Nykredit also sees great opportunities in being able to work on several scenarios of the advisory in one calculation.

The advisor can work in scenarios such as “retired at retirement age” – a scenario can be copied and form the basis for new assumptions such as “early retirement”. Then, the advisor can manoeuvre between the scenarios by shifting among the tabs at the top of the screen, while the different scenarios can also be compared.

Overall, Nykredit expects that the Obex platform will contribute to a better and more engaging dialogue with the customer and an increased degree of holism and transparency in the advisory.

In the longer term, Nykredit sees great opportunities in working with the upcoming add-ons from Obex, such as the inheritance module and goal-based advisory. Nykredit also expects to take advantage of the platform’s core for various calculators on its website.

Obex – we make the complex simple
Keylane Obex is a SaaS based platform that includes modules for tax calculation, wealth advice, budget advice, pension advice and senior advice. The Obex platform enables financial advisors to offer digital advisory, which provides a holistic overview of the customers’ finances and pension conditions now, and in the future. Obex engages the customer and adds business value throughout the whole value chain – from increased customer satisfaction, efficiency to additional sales.

About Nykredit
Nykredit was established in 1851 (under the name Nykredit since 1985). The main activities of Nykredit are commercial and mortgage banking. Other activities include insurance, leasing, pensions and real estate services. Nykredit services 34.6% of its market and is thus Denmark’s largest creditor. For more information visit

More information

If you would like to learn more, please contact Senior Relationship Manager Martin Jönsson at You can also read more about the value Keylane Obex offers your company here.