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New policy administration for a.s.r. implemented

KEYLANE December 9, 2015

a.s.r. Leven Takes Step in Cost Variability

Finavista, a migration and data quality specialist, and Keylane, a supplier of insurance and pension solutions, announce that the initial part of a.s.r. Leven’s life insurance portfolio has been migrated to the LeanApps Life policy administration system.In the period to come, additional life portfolios will be standardised and converted to the scalable solution. In this way, a.s.r. Leven assures both cost manageability and service quality and continuity to its customers in the long-term.In the past, life insurers offered a wide variety of products. Although most of these products are no longer sold, they will continue to be supported for existing customers for many years to come, which will subsequently lead to issues with management costs. Such products are known as ‘closed-book’-products.Pauline Derkman, Deputy Director a.s.r. Leven: “We are very pleased with the migration which took place. It means we can continue to offer our customers a good service in the future. We are looking forward to the subsequent migrations with confidence.”Marcel Schenk, Managing Director Finavista: “The changes to the life insurance market are irreversible. We are proud that our and Keylane’s joint migration solution helped a.s.r. Leven take the first important step in solving the closed-book issue”.Ralf Timmer, Executive Board Member Keylane: “Because of the good cooperation between a.s.r. Leven, Finavista, and Keylane, we implemented a brand-new policy administration for the a.s.r. service books in less than a year’s time, including intermediary and customer portals. Long-term costs are now manageable due to the combination of product standardisation and LeanApps Life as a scalable administration system”.

About Finavista

Since 2003, Finavista has been active on the insurance and pension market in offering optimisation, digitalisation, and innovation processes. Aspects of our service include improving data quality, migrating and rationalising portfolios, and digitalising processes. Renowned insurers and pension providers choose Finavista because of its  specialist knowledge combined with sound work and TÜViT-certified tooling. Its approach has enabled Finavista to successfully realise dozens of large-scale portfolio migrations and product rationalisations for customers in recent years.

About Keylane

Keylane is the Benelux market leader in flexible SaaS solutions for the core processes of life and non-life insurers and pension providers. We have offices in Germany, Scandinavia, and the UK, and it is our ambition to become the number 1 provider in Europe. Over 90 renowned insurers and pension providers are pleased to make use of our solutions. Our customers experience multiple advantages of the Keylane solutions, including cost reduction, shorter time-to-market, and higher level of customer satisfaction. Our full focus on the pension and insurance market and a driven, professional team of employees allow us to quickly and adequately react to changes in the market. Given our deep knowledge of the industry and our world-class technology, it is our ultimate goal to always offer the best delivery for all our customers.

Further Information

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Finavista: Seher Ural, Marketing & Public Relations

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Keylane: Kim Leemreize, Marketing & Communications

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