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Møretrygd selects Keylane’s insurance solution

KEYLANE February 7, 2018

Møretrygd, a Norwegian non-life insurance company, has selected Keylane’s policy and claims management system to better streamline business processes, improve their services to their customers and agents and contribute to business growth. Møretrygd, from Ålesund in Norway, will implement the modern insurance solution together with Keylane for both their private and commercial products.

Bjørn Harald Bakke (CEO Møretrygd) states: “The Keylane SaaS solution supports all capabilities for modernising our operational processes and enables us to easily launch new products to the market. We believe we have found a solid and loyal partner in Keylane Nordic, and we look forward to a successful implementation.”

Ralf Timmer (CEO Keylane) states: “We are happy to have found yet another insurance client in Norway. Møretrygd can benefit from our expertise of the Norwegian market, the standardised Norwegian country layer in our state of the art non-life insurance solution and our local implementation team. We look forward to support Møretrygd in growing their business.”

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We are very happy to provide you with more detailed information. Please do not hesitate to contact us at or via our local offices.About MøretrygdA dedicated insurance company
Møretrygd is a mutual insurance company with head office in Ålesund and branch offices in Volda and Fosnavåg.

The non-marine part of the company was founded in 1866 as Voldens Brandsikringsforening , a local fire mutual in Volda. The marine part was founded in 1871 as Aalesunds og Moldes Gjensidige Skibsassuranceforening, a marine mutual serving the fishing fleet in and around Ålesund. We thererfore celebrated our 150th anniversary on 29th September in 2016.

Møretrygd is the result of a number of mergers through the past years. The last mergers were between Nordvest Sjøforsikring Gjensidig and Møretrygd Gjensidig Sjøtrygdelag in 2002 and with the non-marine mutual VBforsikring in 2008. The merger with VBforsikring came as a result of of Møretrygd’s decision to diversify into non-marine insurance.

In 2010 Møretrygd merged with SGS (Sjøtrygdgruppen Mutual Insurance Company) in order to handle the run-off of the company. SGS was the former reinsurance vehicle of the Norwegian coastal mutuals.

Annual gross premiums add up to approximately NOK 155 million (2015) and the equity is over NOK 300 million.

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