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LD Pension goes live with a future-ready industry platform

KEYLANE September 8, 2021

LD Pension has moved the pension savings portfolios of 500,000 members from a legacy system to Keylane’s standard industry platform Plexus in just one year.

In the beginning of September, LD Pension went live with Keylane’s standard industry platform Plexus. Within the expected time of one year, the total wealth of 500,000 members amounting to 30 billion DKK were moved from a legacy system to Plexus in close collaboration with LD Pension and Netcompany.

Else Nyvang, CCO at LD Pension, says: “You can no longer hide behind the argument that it is too expensive to move old pension portfolios to modern IT solutions. It can be done, and it is actually risky not to. Thanks to a good collaboration and experienced suppliers, we have succeeded in moving the old pension savings portfolios of 500,000 members into a modern system and a new customer service portal in just one year. The transparent project management process has been extremely value-creating. We believe that the switch to the new industry solution extends the life of this old savings portfolio through lower costs”

Jesper Essendrop, Executive Director at Keylane, adds: “It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with LD Pension and Netcompany on this project, which proves that transitioning to a modern IT platform can be completed efficiently and in a short time – it does not have to take several years. We look forward to the continuation of our rewarding collaboration.”

LD Pensions’ choice of Keylane Plexus as their new platform is based on Plexus’ strong calculation functionality, automation of business processes (Straight Through Processing) and standard integrations to (for example) Skat (the Danish tax authorities), NemKonto, PensionsInfo and digital customer platforms. A robust and configurable industry platform, combined with Netcompany’s competencies within optimisation of IT infrastructure and digitalisation across solution components, have helped to create a robust foundation for a future-ready solution for LD Pension.

You can read more about Keylane’s SaaS based standard industry platform Plexus for life and pension here.

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LD Pension (LD Fonde in Danish) currently manages two separate funds – The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund, which was established back in 1980, and The Holiday Allowance Fund, which was established almost 40 years later in 2018. In 2021, LD Pension manages a fortune of 53 billion DKK for 1.2 million members. For more information please visit

Netcompany was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, Netcompany is an international company with more than 3000 employees in 6 countries. Netcompany is a pure-play IT services company delivering business-critical strategic IT projects that accelerate customers’ digital transformation. For more information please visit