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Killing seven birds with one stone

KEYLANE September 12, 2019

AP Pension has decided to implement the Keylane Projection solution to handle both their internal and external prognosis calculations. This means that AP Pension will reduce their IT landscape from seven prognosis engines to one only.

End of year Danish life and pension providers will face new prognosis rules that require far more calculations of prognoses than before for each individual policy holder. For AP Pension, the new rules would require an update of the seven different prognosis engines they use today – from internal actuarial models, risk management to the prognoses the pension customers see online and in connection with pension planning.

AP Pension wanted to simplify their system landscape in order to handle future industry requirements. The seven different prognosis engines were developed over many years and based on different technologies which resulted in a maintenance overhead. At the same time, performance would become a challenge in connection with the transition to the new calculation rules.

AP Pension looked into various solution options internally and externally and decided to choose the Keylane projection engine to replace their seven prognosis engines for all their products. The project has just been initiated and AP Pension’s objective is to be ready when the new prognosis rules come into force at the turn of the year.

We are delighted to welcome AP Pension to the Keylane Projection community and look very much forward to the continuation of our long-standing collaboration.

Keylane Projection – efficient and flexible prognosis engine for life and pension

Projection is a speedy prognosis engine that integrates with all known IT administration systems, financial planning tools and digital presentation layers through Keylane’s standard web services and APIs. Thus, the implementation of Projection does not require the use of other Keylane solutions.

By default, Projection supports all the new industry requirements and can be delivered as Software-as-a-Service.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact Director Lars Jacobsen at if you want to hear more about how Projection can support your organisation.

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