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Keylane Offers Platform for Clear Pension Communication

KEYLANE July 30, 2015

Recently, pension providers in the Netherlands were given extended options for sending information to their participants digitally. This has been recorded in new Dutch legislation on pension communication which applies as of 1 July, 2015. The purpose of the legislation is to provide a better match between the expected and the actual information on employees’ personal pension situation. For clear pension communications, Keylane offers an advanced digital communication platform.

The legislation aims to offer people a personal and transparent total overview on their pension. Furthermore, the legislation gives pension providers extended options for issuing additional information digitally. The AFM, the Dutch financial market authority, has completed a pilot study on digital communication among pension insurers. This has led to good insight, with the availability of practical examples and concrete recommendations for pension providers.State secretary Klijnsma: “I am happy with the undivided support to further improve the pension communication, and, especially, to make it clearer to people. Employees and pensioners must be able to check very easily how their pension is doing.”

Digital Pension Platform

Keylane’s digital platform offers a solution for clear pension communication.

We offer a complete digital pension communication program based on the highest hosting and administration standards. It includes offering pension 1-2-3 (as a replacement of the Dutch ‘starting letter’), the pension planner, the uniform pension overview, and a participant website. In addition, Keylane offers pension providers a wide range of administrative solutions for the front office, mid office, and back office. Pension providers are able to make a selection from our unique modular product suite to get just the components they need. Therefore, there is no overkill on applications, and investments relate directly to what is actually needed. Last but not least, the pension provider is able to introduce and optimise applications step by step.

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For more inforamtion about the AFM pilot study visit the AFM website (in Dutch only).