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Keylane and NN successfully migrate over 4 million policies, achieving seamless transition

KEYLANE June 12, 2023

NN, a leading insurance company committed to delivering exceptional services and securing financial futures, celebrates a series of successful policy migrations in collaboration with Keylane, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the insurance and pension industry.

A policy of partnership

Through this partnership, the NN group has migrated a total of 4,5 million policies to Keylane’s market leading Axon platform, unlocking significant value and operational efficiencies. This achievement marks a major milestone for both organizations and reinforces Keylane’s expertise in delivering industry leading SaaS platforms coupled with high-quality migration solutions.

Keylane’s expertise in policy migration was demonstrated when, during one of several migrations with the NN group, half a million policies were successfully migrated with only 4 policy outages. This accomplishment demonstrates Keylane’s dedication to minimising disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition process for its clients.

Collaboration drives success

Throughout the migration process, Keylane and NN fostered a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, ensuring the smooth execution of each migration. Notably, the consistent presence of NN employees throughout the migrations is a testament to the strong partnership and effective cooperation established between the two organisations, which resulted in NN being able to migrate away from Level, a previous core system for policy management.

Keylane’s Axon platform

Axon is Keylane’s all-in-one SaaS administering platform empowering trust and operational excellence for property and casualty insurers. As the leading supplier of robust, highly configurable and customer centric SaaS platforms for the insurance and pension industry, we offer solutions that optimize your business processes and empower your company to be future-fit and agile.

Migrations matter

Keylane’s migration capabilities are renowned for their reliability, low number of outages and absence of significant post-migration issues. This level of excellence sets Keylane apart in the industry, making it a trusted partner for modern insurers seeking to remain competitive.

“Our collaboration with Keylane has been instrumental in achieving seamless policy migrations,” said Erik Jonker, Manager IT Bancassurance at NN. “The expertise and dedication demonstrated by Keylane’s team have resulted in minimal disruptions and ensured a smooth transition for our policyholders. This is the best migration result I have ever seen. Fortunately, a single policy has failed otherwise no one would have believed this result.’’

Keylane continues to lead the industry in providing cutting-edge software solutions that streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive digital transformation for insurance and pension companies.