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Keylane and Datasolvr join forces to offer a strong risk management solution

KEYLANE March 12, 2021

Keylane and Datasolvr have entered into a partnership to meet life and pension companies’ future needs for risk management and complex calculations relating to Solvency II compatible methods and similar industry regulations.

For many years, Keylane has been the industry leader with Valuation – a solution for calculating cash flows and, since then, with Valuation/ALM for calculating stochastic provisions. Datasolvr is a Danish company that provides software and services for processing financial data and calculations to many of Keylane’s current Danish clients on Valuation, among others.

This partnership integrates the necessary competencies required for this highly specialised risk management area. On the one hand, deep knowledge of actuarial issues are required, and at the same time this knowledge must be combined with the latest techniques in the field of financial mathematics.

All competencies will be gathered at Datasolvr, which has recently strengthened its organisation with several new specialists. Datasolvr has built a very strong team consisting of mathematicians, actuaries and computer scientists with many years of experience in developing financial software.

The team will service and further develop the Valuation/ALM solution for the benefit of the clients of both Keylane and Datasolvr. We also look forward to welcoming new clients.

Jesper Essendrop, Executive Director at Keylane says; “We are proud of the product we have developed and the solutions that run at our clients. By pooling product and competencies in Datasolvr, we are sure to provide this specialised area with the best conditions for continued development and growth for the benefit of our clients.”

Signe Amdi Holm, Co-founder & CEO at Datasolvr adds; “The partnership with Keylane enables us to provide even better solutions and services to the life and pension industry, and we are already in the process of establishing the partnership for future development.”

We are convinced that this powerful partnership will create greater value for both existing and future clients. We look forward to discussing the perspectives in more detail with our individual clients on Valuation/ALM in the near future.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jesper Essendrop at or Signe Amdi Holm at

About Datasolvr

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