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Improve your workflow challenges to unlock efficiency and scalability

KEYLANE January 26, 2024

Do you want to optimise your business processes in the fast evolving life and pension industry? Let us introduce our Plexus integrated workflow module – a Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) inspired solution developed to streamline processes and drive efficiency.

You can empower your team to connect your systems and configure workflows supporting end to end business processes. Seamlessly execute straight-through processing (STP) and exception-handling workflows.

Plexus’ workflow module supports you with manual and automated tasks, integrated document generation and archiving, automated event processing, and securing audit trail information. Additionally, it allows for starting and updating workflows through APIs, offering many more advantages to unlock!

Optimise scalability and streamline your operations with our workflow module. Embrace the power of automation, increase productivity, and achieve more with highly configurable standard software.

The Plexus platform: transforming your business through technology

The Plexus platform empowers life and pension providers to transform through technology, from powerful SaaS functionality to impactful customer communication. Plexus brings together key Policy Administration System functionality in a best-practice SaaS solution. It improves and streamlines business processes into a modular, configurable set of critical tools – delivering impactful, customer-focused experiences to the leaders of industry, today and tomorrow.

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