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Empower your business with flexible product configuration

KEYLANE December 7, 2023

Are you facing the challenge of effectively configuring your pension products to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers? Plexus’s product configuration module is here to strengthen your product configuration process.

We understand the complexity involved in tailoring agreements within the pension industry. Balancing global, local, and customer-specific configuration features while adhering to country-specific legislation can become a daunting task. However, with our flexible product configuration module from Plexus, you can master this challenge and ensure seamless compliance.

The high configurability of Plexus empowers you to take full control of your pension products and plans. With user-friendly APIs, it’s possible to easily modify every aspect of the product to meet your unique requirements and ensure operational efficiency and seamless collaboration at the same time.

Optimise your product configuration and unlock the true potential of your offerings.

The Plexus platform: transforming your business through technology

The Plexus platform empowers life and pension providers to transform through technology, from powerful SaaS functionality to impactful customer communication. Plexus brings together key Policy Administration System functionality in a best-practice SaaS solution. It improves and streamlines business processes into a modular, configurable set of critical tools – delivering impactful, customer-focused experiences to the leaders of industry, today and tomorrow.

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Want to take full control of your product configuration to meet your unique requirements? Please contact Jacob Goltermann, Head of Product Management, at