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Enhanced Functionality with Keylane’s Data Mart  

KEYLANE March 10, 2022

Keylane’s Data Mart is a full replication of Keylane’s Axon database, and represents all functional client data, facilitating the generation of various reports.  

First near real-time connection to Data Lake 

Previously we announced our intentions to make it be possible for our clients to update their Data Lake or Data Warehouse in near real-time via IBM CDC. We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented this functionality for one of our clients.  

Feeding other systems with your Data Mart 

Our clients are always looking for new ways to use our Axon platformand have asked us for the ability to use our Data Mart to trigger a data feed to other systems. To address these requests, we have developed an agile and flexible method to feed the data to the rest of your application landscape.  

The required interfaces were developed and built as part of Axonbut after extensive development, we have gone a step further. With Data Mart being updated in near real-time, we can now use the data as input for all processes or systems that can be fed asynchronously. To accommodate for this, we have created an event definition framework for our Data Mart. This framework provides you with the ability to define your own events through plugins, and grants the ability to push notifications about these events to other external systems.

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