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DreamPlan realises dreams with the Keylane Obex platform

KEYLANE June 14, 2021

DreamPlan will provide its users with an overview of their finances across loans, pensions and savings using services from Keylane’s financial planning platform Obex. The holistic financial overview makes it much easier for users to plan their future, whether it is early retirement, acquiring a bigger house, or going on a world tour.

In the beginning of June 2021, DreamPlan went live with a digital financial advisor to help users optimise their finances. This is taken care of through a self-service solution that empowers the user to automatically retrieve all relevant data from Danish public systems, like PensionsInfo, etc, and by using services from Keylane Obex to calculate different scenarios that provide the user with a complete overview of their financial situation. With this financial overview at hand, the user is able to get the most out of their economy and make sound decisions on when and how to realise their dreams and wishes.

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen, Co-founder and CEO at DreamPlan, says: “We have created a solution to make users see their finances in a different light, and thus help them to see the possibilities in their economy. From the beginning, our focus has been on the customer experience. We need to calculate in depth and then “translate” these calculations into easily accessible and reassuring UX. The Obex platform of Keylane offers these services and well-defined APIs, which create the necessary foundation for that.”

Martin Jönsson, Senior Relationship Manager at Keylane adds: “The collaboration with DreamPlan has been a pleasure. The development of the self-service solution took place in our sandbox environment, which is accessible for any company, and from there DreamPlan developed their own UI. DreamPlan chose to ally with a Developer from Keylane, but it is also possible to develop the solution completely without support from Keylane. Because the API structure in Obex is so straightforward, each company can choose the setup that suits them best.”

Banks and pension companies can combine DreamPlan’s holistic financial overview with the products they offer, this means that DreamPlan can also function as a white label solution, where the individual bank or pension company can incorporate DreamPlan into their own products and under their own brand.

Obex – we make the complex simple
Keylane Obex is a SaaS based platform that includes modules for tax calculation, wealth advice, budget advice, pension advice and senior advice. The Obex platform enables financial advisers to offer digital advice, which provides a holistic overview of the customers’ finances and pension conditions now, and in the future. Obex engages the customer and adds business value throughout the whole value chain – from increased customer satisfaction, efficiency to additional sales.

Please contact Martin Jönsson at, if you want to hear more. You can also read more about the value Keylane Obex offers your company here.

About DreamPlan

DreamPlan’s new digital advisory solution provides a holistic overview of the customers’ financial situation.  The solution ensures a smooth, holistic and efficient advisory for both the advisor and the customer. DreamPlan is part of the Copenhagen Fintech community. For more information about DreamPlan visit here.